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The articles below cover the first few basic steps for anyone wanting to create their own web page. Click on any of the topics below to learn the basics of website design.

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What Is The Role Of A Web Designer In 2014.

The internet moves at an alarming pace and as such, when it comes to web design, what used to work as little as 5 years ago may no longer be best practice in 2014. In fact you could argue the point that any designer that doesn´t write mark-up and CSS is simply ´drawing pictures´ a...

posted Feb 13, 2014

by Miami Web Design

Capture the global market with professionally designed website

A website is the first and foremost need of any company in today’s highly internet savvy world. Until unless you have a good website, your business is considered to be non-existent, no matter how well known it is in the real world. However, just having a website is not enough. Your website should be...

posted Oct 24, 2012

by Santhosh

The 5 logo tips everyone should know

Logo design will impact your business on a long term scale. This is because your logo will be tied to your company and the products you are selling for a long long time. It basically becomes your face and means a lot. It really doesn´t matter if you are creating the logo yourself or workin...

posted Oct 8, 2012

by David Becker

Created Own Facebook Page With Ease

Creating a Facebook page is easy, and if we have a Joomla based site our job to create a Facebook page becomes much easier. For a long time, I wanted to have the Facebook fan page with my own design with different menus, for this I had to struggle a lot since it involved coding. After several atte...

posted Nov 10, 2011

by jadeaustin

30 of the Most Beautiful Powerpoint Templates and Designs in the World

Convey your message easily to your audience by using PowerPoint templates that you can download from this site. This portal has a great collection of backgrounds, templates and more other useful tools necessary to create an outstanding presentation. Choose from several designs that will easily match...

posted Oct 6, 2011

by Emmanuel T de Guzman

HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog

"blogsWhether you’re blogging for business or pleasure, now is the time to ...

posted Feb 22, 2010

by Matt Silverman

Web Site Definition

This initial stage is where you define your goals and objectives for the Web site and begin to collect and analyze the information you´ll need to justify the budget and resources required. This is also the time to define the scope of the site content, the interactive functionality and techn...

posted Jul 24, 2007

by Web Style Guide

Developing Core Goals

The site specification is the planning team´s concise statement of core goals, values, and intent, to provide the ultimate policy direction for everything that comes next. Designing a substantial Web site is a costly and time-consuming process. When you´re up to your neck in the daily...

posted Jul 24, 2007

by Web Style Guide

Planning Your Website

Web sites are developed by groups of people to meet the needs of other groups of people. Unfortunately, Web projects are often approached as a "technology problem," and projects are colored from the beginning by enthusiasms for particular Web techniques or browser plug-ins (Flash, digital media, ...

posted Jul 24, 2007

by Web Style Guide

Before You Begin

Planning a Web site is a two-part process: first you gather your development partners, analyze your needs and goals, and work through the development process outlined here to refine your plans. The second part is creating a site specification document that details what you intend to do and wh...

posted Jul 24, 2007

by Web Style Guide

How To Make a Website

Web pages are described with a markup language called HTML. This provides the content and structure of the pages. It also says where images and other stuff should be. The good news is that HTML is fairly easy to learn.

What software do you need to make HTML pages? <...

posted Jun 4, 2007

by Web Design From Scratch



Web Design Articles    |    Design    |    Basics