Web Design Process

Web Design Process

Steps in the Web Design Process

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Building a Website

Planning is the most important step in the web design process. Here is a summary of the steps we typically take with our clients in order to launch a successful web site. View our pricing guidelines and or request a quote.

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  • Step 1:  Reserve Your Price Quote

    We have made pricing your design project as simple as possible, by letting you choose the price you will pay! Once you have reserved your price quote, we will contact you to finalize your project specifics and adjust your price quote if necessary...

    Click here to reserve a web design quote

  • Step 2:  Initial Payment

    Once your price quote has been approved, we will setup your member account with ATX Web Design.   You must then login and submit a 20% down payment before work on your project begins.  Your remaining balance is due upon completion of your project.

    (if your price quote is less than $500, your entire payment is collected at this time)

  • Step 3:  Upload Web Site Content

    You will be required to provide us with all textual content and photographs (we will provide photographs if needed).   You may submit your content in an email, or login to your member account and upload your content online.   Please keep in mind that content on existing websites is protected by copyright law and it is not legal for you to use "borrowed" text or pictures without first obtaining permission from their rightful owners.

  • Step 4:  Design Initial Layout

    Multiple designs for your website are created based on your specifications.   You will be given the opportunity to choose the design you like, and make revisions to the initial layout before we develop the source code for your website.

  • Step 5:  Development & Testing

    During this stage, you can watch as our designers build your website to completion, at which point you can make a list of changes/corrections that need to be made before launch.   This is not the time to make major changes to navigation or design.

  • Step 6:  Web Site Launch

    Once your site is developed and tested and we have received your final approval, we will bill you for the balance due on the project.   Once your payment is received, we will assist you in getting your website online.