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The Mobile Web refers to web browser-based access to the World Wide Web using a mobile device connected to a wireless network. Traditional web access in comparison is desktop computer-based via a fixed landline connection. The total number of mobile web users grew past the total number of desktop computer-based web users for the first time in 2008

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Wrapping Up the Winter Season Web Design

We are wrapping up the winter season with the latest web design trends. In 2016, we have seen a lot of changes in web design standards and the overall perspective of an actual web design has changed. Web designers strive to produce great websites for clients and satisfy web visitors as they are some...

posted Dec 20, 2016

by NTW Designs

Most popular mobile browser wants to bring faster web browsing to iPhone

Browsing the web on the iPhone may be getting a whole lot faster if Opera is able to get their mobile web browser past the beady eyes of Apple´s App store approval team.Web browser developer Opera Software has designed an iPhone compatible version of their popular Opera Mini web browse...

posted Feb 15, 2010

by Relax News



Web Design Articles    |    Trends    |    Mobile Web