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Wrapping Up the Winter Season Web Design

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Wrapping Up the Winter Season Web Design

by NTW Designs

We are wrapping up the winter season with the latest web design trends. In 2016, we have seen a lot of changes in web design standards and the overall perspective of an actual web design has changed. Web designers strive to produce great websites for clients and satisfy web visitors as they are some of the biggest judges on the web. Read below the top trends of 2016.

Wrapping up the Winter Season with the 10 Web Design Trends of the Year

    This year is ending and we have put together some of the greatest trends in web design we have seen this year. If you havenít made some essential web upgrades to your site this year, follow these trends below and improve your web design.

1- Full-Screen Menu.  The hamburger menu has always been in style since the beginning of the mobile era, but this full-screen popup upon clicking the menu presents a new screen for a web visitor. The 3 bar full-screen menu is one of the greatest trends that many websites are actively following this year.

2- Pop Up Contact Form. Just like the full-screen menu, the pop up contact form is seen on many websites. This kind of contact form allows the web visitor focus on writing out a message without any distractions or menu links to navigate away from this page.
3- One Page Web Design Layout. The one-page web design has changed the way web design is seen.  The multi-page presented a smaller boxed and horizontal view of an average web design. The one-page web design seems more professional, offers a 1-page showcase, and has a long scrolling feature. This design has been most favored by mobile visitors and has a lot of room for design!

4- Diagonal Web Design. Contrasting color tones and a diagonal web design is another great web trend that has put a twist on the average web layout. This makes a design look much more trendy. A Diagonal web design is primarily used for websites that fall into the categories of fashion or beauty.
5- Wordpress Homepage Themes. Aside from its popular blogging platform that it is known for, WordPress has made an upgrade in its theme section this year. Instead of directing focus on blogging themes, WordPress developers have created thousands of one-page design themes that are great for the average person to use as regular web homepage.

6- Pink and Blue Colors. Vibrant colors have rocked the year and are rocking this holiday season! Light pink and blue vibrant colors have become the most popular option when it comes to color choice this year.
7- Subscription Pop Ups. Subscription boxes are still very effective and pop-ups have increased the number of visitors that subscribe to a website.

8- Wordpress Blogging. Bloggers arenít the only ones blogging on WordPress anymore. Regular people, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are adding a WordPress blog section on their website. Quality content promotes good SEO. WordPress makes it easy for the average person to write and publish blogs!

9-Live Chat. The live chat is the latest and greatest web integration. Most small businesses have an active live chat on their site. What are they doing differently with the live chat? This year, Live chat agents are contacting every new web visitor that lands on the homepage by sending them a popup message through the live chat form.

10-Rich Illustrations. Rich illustrations and flat web design is style. These specific types of designs have been proven to be even more eye-catching and will attract the attention of the first time web visitor.

    Having a well-designed website is important to build a great web reputation and showcase a quality image business on the web. As years go by, new trends come and go. Every business and website owner, in general, should follow the latest web design trends on the web. Pleasing web visitors and have a well-coded web design will lead to success online. Read the above 10 web design trends of the year that have wrapped up this winter season and happy holidays!

posted on Dec 20, 2016



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